Building Real Estate Customers for Life—Choose Your Home Inspector in Boulder Wisely

The most successful real estate agents understand that when they take care of a client the right way, the reward isn’t merely a one-time commission. Instead, world-class service and carefully planned networking can translate into a stream of steady business spread out over many years. Lifetime Value of a Customer indicates how much revenue a […]

Home Inspection Checklist: Getting a Grip on Handrail Problems

Try this experiment: The next time you’re out for a Sunday drive or walking around your neighborhood, take a good look at the front steps of the homes you pass. In the springtime, you’re likely to see plenty of vibrant azalea and rhododendron bushes, but don’t be distracted. Look closer. You may be surprised at […]

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Composite Wood Siding: A Home Inspection Checklist

In recent blog posts, we’ve discussed the importance of never waiving a home inspection—a critical mistake many homebuyers are making to gain a supposed advantage over competing bidders in this sellers’ market. What may seem like a savvy move to secure the property at an “as is” price, in many cases, has proved to be […]

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